Overview of Co2POOL donations and activities

Below we provide an overview of our donations and activities over the last few months. We will update this page regularly. Details of the individual activities are then linked in each case – there you will get more information and could have a look at the donation receipts, for example.

As of Feb. 15th. 2022 we have donated a total of € 9,397.60 and carried out actions for our delegates (of which € 2,716 as Euro donations and 3,860 Ada donations equivalent to € 6,680.80, calculated at the respective Ada market value at the time of the donation/action).


December 2020: donation of €50 to GreenForestFund. At that time we did not generate regular blocks and did not generate rewards. -> see here.

March 2021: Survey of stakepool operators and calculation of energy consumption of Cardano stakepools. These calculations have been the basis for the CardanoFoundation/Veritree project (Cardanoforest of 1 Million Trees). -> see here.

April 2021: Donation of 635 € to TreesForLife for the planting of the first 50 trees, including the foundation of the Cardano Grove in Scotland -> see here.

April 2021: Development of the CO2TOKEN concept to measure the success of offset measures on the way to make the Cardano Blockchain carbon neutral. This concept was also brought to the attention of the CardanoFoundation and served as an idea for the Veritree tokens / CardanoForest -> see here and here.

April 2021: Sending 10 CO2TOKEN each to 50 delegators, representing the 50 trees we planted at TreesForLife. Expenditure of about 80 Ada transaction fees. Example see here:

April 2021: Article about MissiondrivenPools written on Cardano, incl. the first overview of all known MissionDrivenPools and their mission/concerns -> see here. Background is that CO2POOL has created a list of MissionDrivenPools (Charity Pools) on Adafolio since end of 2020 and manages them until today.

April 2021 to June 2021: ClimateNeutralBlockchainGroup (CNBG) founded by CO2POOL, now ClimateNeutralCardano. See also here. The first joint project of the alliance was the participation in the Cardano Forest project in cooperation with the CardanoFoundation and Veritree.

June 2021: Promotional campaign to attract new delegators. Every 3 epochs, 100 Ada were raffled to CO2POOL delegators. Total value 600 Ada -> see here. Duration was from epoch 274 to epoch 286 (from 6/24 to 9/7/2021, total 6 raffles = 600 Ada). Here is one winner…

July 2021: Donation of 1,053 € for the planting of another 150 trees in our Cardano grove -> see here.

August/September 2021: Cooperation with CardanoStiftung and Veritree. Our calculations formed the basis for the CardanoForest, for which the total number of trees was happily increased to the target of 1 million trees -> see here and here (article in Coinrivet magazine about CO2POOL).

September 2021: Donation of 2.000 Ada (for 2000 trees) by CO2POOL for the CardanoForest. We were among the first donors on Sept 25, 2021 even before the project was announced at CardanoSummit -> see here and here.

October 2021: Calculation of energy consumption of Cardano Blockchain transactions compared to Ethereum -> see here.

November 2021: Further donation to Veritree of 500 Ada. During the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, Veritree doubled the number of trees for donations, so that a total of 1000 trees can be planted from it. See here and here.

November/December 2021: Prepare and submit a concept for CatalystFund 7, “Wordmap” of green Cardano”. With this project we want to capture stakepools powered by renewable energy as well as offset projects (e.g. tree planting) in a database / website with a world map to make visible how far Cardano has already come on the way to a carbon neutral blockchain -> see here.

December 2021: Christmas tree action on December 24th : We plant 5 trees for each of our 122 delegators. Distribution of 50 CO2TOKEN and 5 Veritree tokens each to 40 delegators with > 100 Ada Stake: effort about 70 Ada for transaction fees and 610 new trees for Veritree (610 Ada) -> see here and here.

February 2022: Donation of 978,80 € for Compensators e.V. to purchase CO2 certificates for 10 tons of CO2. The certificates will be permanently withdrawn from the market -> see here.

(To be continued…)

Stefan Rehfus, CO2POOL

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