CO2POOL Stakepool Mission

What is The StAKEPOOL Mission of CO2POOL?

We are a Cardano Stakepool with ambition. We find future technology exciting, and the Cardano Blockchain is an advanced open source project that can help solve many problems of mankind. Therefore, we are proud to provide a part of the decentralized Cardano infrastructure with our stakepool. At the same time, we support the global climate protection movement with our pool. The Cardano developers of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) promote our commitment by also delegating to our pool since February 2021.
We want our planet to remain livable. Therefore, we are committed to climate protection and want to reduce Co2 emissions. We achieve this in the following way:

That is why our pool is called CO2POOL:

That is why our pool is called the CO2POOL. We are happy if you support our ideals by delegating your Ada to our pool. Our pool has a good performance, so you can expect high staking rewards as a thank you for your commitment. You can find us in your Ada wallet under the abbreviation/ticker [CO2P].


Your stakepool mission: Donate for climate protection

We donate 50% of our pool’s margin (currently 1.9% on block rewards) to climate protection. For this purpose, we have created our own wallet to keep the process of donating transparent.

By following this link you can see the current status of the collected Ada, which we will donate to climate protection projects. But how does it work ?

We hope that this approach will create transparency in the donation process, so that it is really clear that the pool fees are used for climate protection purposes.

The heads behind CO2POOL

My name is Stefan, I was born 1969, and together with my family, I live in the city of Goettingen in the middle of Germany, which is well known for its famous old university and scientists like Planck, Heisenberg, Gauss or the Grimm Brothers. I am freelance environmental engineer by profession. Since I studied in the 90s, the world has changed a lot. At my university in Berlin, we were already discussing topics like climate change more than 25 years ago. It seemed quite theoretical to us at the time, although we had already seen a measurable increase in carbon dioxide concentrations which was related to industrialization since the 19th century. But now, in the 2020s, we can all see very clearly and drastically what this means: long-lasting wildfires in California, Brazil or Australia, long periods of drought in Central Europe, or locally, for example, extreme weather events with storms and heavy rain that can devastate entire towns. Weather extremes are increasing, and the balance in the system of global wind and ocean currents is threatening to tip.

We all have a responsibility to stop this as soon as possible, for ourselves, for the younger generation and for future generations. Our Stakepool mission.

That’s why my son Elias (he’s 17 years old) is active in the climate action movement, along with many other children, pupils and students around the world. Like me, he is interested in computer science and new technologies. So it was both a challenge and a pleasure for us to build a Cardano Stake Pool together. We support the Cardano Single Pool Alliance (CSPA), participate in the Missiondriven Pools (CMDP) initiative and have set up pools in the new Cardano public testnet to support further research and development and testing of the Cardano blockchain protocols.

We run our pool as CO2POOL since summer 2020, with the start of Cardano staking era (Shelley mainnet) and have been one of the first pools on Cardano network with a clear mission and donations from pool owner rewards.

I have conducted surveys among pool operators on the total amount and type of energy consumption and calculated how much CO2 is emitted from the operation of Cardano stake pools. On this basis, it was determined that we would need around 200,000 trees to offset the climate-neutral operation of the app. 2,800 Cardano stakepools. As a starting point, we have created our own Cardano Grove, where we use our donations to plant trees and ensure that areas in Scotland are rewildered and permanently protected ( To achieve the goal of a climate neutral blockchain, we have founded the Climate Neutral Blockchain Group CNBG ( and have entered into partnerships with other pools and even international organisations.

We know for sure: together and with the support of our delegators, we will achieve the goal of a completely climate-neutral or even climate-positive Cardano Blockchain.

Stefan und Elias Rehfus. CO2POOL Stakepool Cardano Blockchain
Father and son:
Stefan and Elias Rehfus:
We stand behind CO2POOL
CO2POOL donations for climate protection
Renewable energy for CO2POOL operation
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