Compensators: CO2POOL takes 10 tons of CO2 off the market

With a donation of almost 1,000 € (1,052 $Ada at market price as of 14.02.22) to the association “Compensators” we have purchased CO2 certificates in the amount of 10 tons of CO2 and have taken them permanently off the market for compensation.

We have chosen “Compensators” because Compensators buys the CO2 certificates directly at the Leipzig stock exchange and takes them permanently off the market. This means that the certificates are not sold again one day, as is often the case with other CO2 compensation initiatives. In this way, we consciously oppose certificate trading, because in the face of an ever worsening climate crisis, it cannot be a matter of reselling emission rights at a profit, but rather of reducing emissions here and now, where they are generated the most: in the industrialized nations.

Offset through “Compensators”

Compensators writes: “With your donation, Compensators buys emission allowances from the European Emissions Trading Scheme and decommissions them permanently. Thus, these allowances are no longer available to industrial companies to cover their emissions and they are forced to reduce their pollution. Your contribution lowers the effective upper limit for the allowed emissions within Europe.” You can read about how this all works in detail here.

Compensators is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). This is one of the reasons why we supported Compensators, because PIK is one of the world’s most respected scientific institutions, tirelessly researching climate change and committed to preventing man-made climate catastrophe.

For the first time, CO2POOL has directly reduced emissions by purchasing CO2 certificates. Our previous donations were related to forest conservation and reforestation programs, such as CardanoFoundation’s #1MillionTrees project with Veritree (see here). We will continue to support tree planting efforts with our pool rewards, but are also open to other opportunities to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere or reduce emissions and/or provide offsets. We are always grateful for suggestions on new projects worth supporting.

Stefan Rehfus, CO2POOL, Feb. 15th, 2022

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