CO2POOL Performance

We live in Germany and also run our server infrastructure through a reliable cloud provider based in Germany. Our structure is secure and redundant and is backed regularly. Technical upgrades by the Cardano developers are applied regularly, too, immediately after release. The downtime of our servers is only a few seconds.


Pool infrastructure: Relay and Cardano node hosted in Germany at 2 independent locations, on 3 different (climate-neutral operated) Hetzner Cloud Servers: Ubuntu Linux on 4-core CPU, 16 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD.

All scalable according to future technical requirements.

Pool performance

We currently (as of February 2021) have a Return of Ada of ~ 5%, i.e. our delegators can expect an “interest” of about 500 Ada per year on 10,000 delegated Ada. This is already the stake returns after all pool fees are deducted! The performance of the last complete epoch is shown below. This figure is updated every epoch of 5 days.


The fixed fee is 340 ADA per epoch. This is the minimum fee that must be charged by each pool according to Cardano protocol. The variable fee is set individually by the pool operator. It is usually between 0 and 5% per pool. CO2POOL uses moderate 1.9% fees (margin).

Important: all fees are paid out of the total amount of rewards, i.e. they are not charged per delegator! Basically, they are a kind of profit sharing — only if the pool successfully generates blocks and rewards for its delegators, the pool will receive its fees.

CO2POOL Example

With 6.5 million Active Stake (as of CO2P in February 2021), 5-6 blocks can be expected per epoch. Per block there are about 1000 ADA Rewards in the pool, so app. 5-6000 ADA. From this 340 A + 127 A = 467 ADA go to the pool operator, so about 4,500 – 5,500 A remain in the pool to be distributed to the delegators. For every 10,000 ADA contributed, that would be 7 – 8 ADA per epoch (every 5 days), or about 560 ADA per year (5.6%).

Thus, for climate protection, several thousand ADA are collected every year. So with your contribution (ADA delegation to CO2P) you make a good contribution to climate protection, too.

The more delegators we have, the higher the active stake in the pool, the higher the rewards, and the higher the amount that can be donated for climate protection. And “by the way” you increase your contributed ADA by about 5% per year. There is no easier way to do some good!

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